Residential Windows & Doors

South Coast Windows & Doors custom makes all of its doors and windows to ensure the correct fit, functionality and quality.

Our residential windows & doors can be double or single glazed, use float, toughened, laminated or energy efficient glass and are available in clear, obscure, tinted or patterned glass. (Commercial windows & doors are also able to be used in residential settings.)

Aluminium Windows

We are able to manufacture the following types of aluminium windows to suit your requirements:

Sliding HERO_Urban580_SW

Sash operates in a horizontal fashion to allow for full top to bottom ventilation. Because the sash do not open outward they are an excellent choice for rooms that face walkways, porches or decks.

Fixed panel/picture window1d6116a686a980e6b6ed591a12c68994

These windows are stationary and do not open. This makes them more energy efficient and allows for larger sizes than a window that vents. Often used in combinations to maximize the view.



Hinged at the top, the sash swings outward from the bottom. This allows for ventilation even during a light rain. Often used in combination with large stationary windows so you have a view, and air flow.



A window hinged on the side, the sash opens horizontally opposite the hinge. This type of window allows for full ventilation from top to bottom of the window opening and the extended sash can catch the breeze and direct it into the house for better air flow.

Double hungHERO_Urban581_DH

Double-hung windows have two operating sash that move up and down allowing for ventilation on the top, bottom or both. Single-hung windows have only a lower operating sash for ventilation. In either case because the sash do not open outward they are an                                                                                 excellent choice for rooms that face walkways, porches                                                                         or decks.

Sashless single/double hung267643

Sashless windows are a double hung system that feature two moving panes of counterbalanced glass, without the bulk of a timber or aluminium sash frame surrounding the glass.




A louvre is a window with horizontal slats that are angled to admit light and air, but to keep out rain, direct sunshine, and noise. The angle of the slats are be adjustable and a flyscreen can be installed to keep insects out.

Bifoldimages (1)

Bi-fold windows are made up of a number of panels that are hinged together. Bi-fold windows usually consist of 2-4 panels. A bi-fold window opens up in a concertina style to make a large, uninterrupted opening and increase or regulate airflow.


Glass blocksclear-glass-block-windows-for-bathroom-with-spa-room-and-small-benches-in-wood-floor-area-716x404





Aluminium Sliding doors

Patio/sliding glassHERO_simonds-valencia-alfresco2

























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